No need to replace very expensive sorbents (catalysts). In addition, if aerosols, especially finely dispersed ones, are present in the exhaust gases, the so-called catalysts quickly become clogged and cease to function as a sorbent.



A number of patents have been obtained for technology and equipment. Physico-chemical principles of operation of the devices, their design and the results are described in more than 30 scientific works.



Three installation models have been developed with different capacities for different consumer segments in the market: from 500 m2 /h to 2000 m2 / h (wall-mounted), from 2500 m2 /h to 5000 m2 /h, from 10,000 m2 / h to 15,000 m2 /h. We have portable model

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Areas of application

The technology allows you to perform:
  1. cleaning emissions from almost any fine and gaseous contaminants, odors, air disinfection
  2. cleaning diesel emissions from soot and nitrogen oxides
  3. purification of emissions of gas turbines from nitrogen oxides
  4. removal of heavy metal salts from water and destruction of organic substances
  5. applying dielectric coatings through the polymerization of gaseous substances in a gas stream and the deposition of polymers on a metal surface
  6. change in surface properties of dielectric materials
  7. an increase in the yield of precious metals, in particular gold, from refractory ores

Deployment takes from two days to two weeks depends on complexity of requirements. IN TOTAL!

New technology

The uniqueness of the project is in the application of a frequency-pulsed nanosecond corona discharge with the simultaneous application of a constant electrostatic field to generate a low-temperature atmospheric plasma.

ECO - Friendly

The uniqueness of the cleaning technology allows to perform air purification off halogens, dioxins and mercaptans, final cleaning of exhaust gases from installations for the destruction of highly hazardous chemical and biological wastes.

How it works

The gas cleaning process is carried out in electrostatic precipitators when they are supplied with very short high-voltage voltage pulses generated by a specially developed high-voltage pulse generator. Under the influence of pulses, a nanosecond corona discharge arises, and a low-temperature plasma is created in the reactor chambers.


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