With us you can easily:

  • Clear air of gaseous pollution and smells
  • Solve the problems of housing construction near harmful industries and the smell of objects
  • Get sterile air in hospitals without evacuating patients from the wards
  • To clean and refresh the air inside cafes and restaurants
  • Reduce diesel emissions to acceptable limits
  • Change the surface properties of materials
  • Increase the yield of precious metals, in particular gold from refractory ores
  • All this is achieved by low-temperature plasma
  • The units are modular designed, allowing, as from Lego blocks, to collect the devices that the customer will need
  • Installations are environmentally friendly and economical
  • The average capital cost can be estimated as 12 euro per 1 m3 of gas to be cleaned.

Technology Information

The physical principles of the proposed technology consist in the generation of a low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma. The main element of the plasma gas treatment plants with an applied electric field “CORSTRIM®” is a three-stage pulse voltage generator according to the Fitch scheme (GINF) and reactor chambers (RC). The RCs are grounded cylindrical cases with coaxially located multipoint central high-voltage electrodes or flat systems with sawtooth electrodes. Nanosecond high voltage voltage pulses of positive polarity in the reactor chambers generate pulsed corona plasma. in the interelectrode space with the simultaneous application of a constant electric field. Such a plasma is characterized by significant electron densities and energies capable of creating high concentrations of active intermediate particles (atomic oxygen, OH ions and radicals *) in the discharge gap. As a result of plasma-chemical reactions, gaseous impurities are converted to environmentally friendly gases or aerosols. Due to the high bulk density of the charges, both the generated aerosols and those available in the gases are charged and, under the influence of a constant electric field, are discarded to the grounded electrode as in a standard wet electrostatic precipitator, from where they are washed off with water. Excess ozone is again converted to oxygen in the ozone destructor. Installations can work around the clock in automatic mode.
Pollution Concentration
% purification Energy consumption
WhH/ mg*m3
Toluene 25-100 85 0.3
Formaldehyde 25-100 95-99 0.4
Mercaptan 25-50 95 0.08
SO2 30 30-70 0.01-0.005
Toluene + Benzene 150 90 0.2
Aerosol CrO3 max 10 99 0.1
HF, Aerosol 30, max 600 95 0.15
NOx, soot 500 90 0.02
NOx , 100 95 0.03
BF3 in argon 70-170 90 0.01
Life products 1-2 50-80 1-2
HF, aerosol 30 max, 600 95 0.03
H2S 5-15 70-95 0.1
NH3 1 90 0.3
  • Corstrim, in contrast to the devices available on the market, also acts as an electrostatic precipitator and has a closed water circulation system that washes away all contaminants from the walls of the reactor chambers (pipes).
  • Installations can work around the clock in automatic mode
  • No need to replace very expensive sorbents (catalysts)

Corstrim Х1


Corstrim Х4


Corstrim Х6

The volume of cleaned ventilation emissions, nm3/h 200 5000 15000
Fitch Generator Module        
Primary circuit        
Wiring diagram   TN-С-S TN-С-S  
Number of phases   3
Power requirement kW 3 6.5 8.5
Output voltage        
Permanent, max. kV 25 25 28
Pulse max. kV 75 75 84
Impulse duration, nom. ns 200 350 450
Pulse power MW 15 25 35
Pulse repetition rate Hz 200-1000 200-1000 100-1000
Output Power Medium kW 1.5 5.5 7.5
RK module pc 1
The number of tubes of the reactor chambers pc 1 4 6
Outer / Inner Diameter mm 219,1/213 273/268 273/268
Pipe length mm 1280 3000 3000
Sprocket diameter mm 100 150 150
The number of corona points thousands 13 124 178
Flushing the inner walls of the РК   Circulating water
RK hydraulic resistance Pa 400 1200 1500
Main features        
Installation Dimensions m3 0.8 x 1.2 x 2 2.5 x 2 x 6 1.5х3х6
Installation weight   0.7 0,8 1.5
Installation mode   24 hours, automatic
Technological stops 1/month 1
Warranty period year 1
Service life before overhaul repair year 5 5 5
Operating costs        
Electricity (max) (without ventilation system) kW/day 100 150 200
Water (max) l/day 10 15 50
Annual maintenance euro 10% of the installation cost

Сapital expenditures AND Operating cost

The average capital cost can be estimated as 12 euro per 1 m3 of gas to be cleaned. Installation is in automatic mode and is under the supervision of the operator of the main equipment  The operator must complete 8 hour course in the theory and practice of supervision. During the warranty period, the service installation is done by the employees of the enterprise , which produces equipment , after - or the same workers under the contract , or specially trained personnel.
Operating expenses consist of costs for electricity, water , surcharge operator and maintenance costs.
Energy costs are easy to calculate the data in Table 1 (Column Specific power (Wh/m3 mg). To do this, the data presented in this column are multiplied by the air flow , the concentration of pollution and the cost of 1 kWh of electricity.